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Why do grinding balls break up?

Nov 5th, 2016

Grinding ball breaking up may be a common product problem in ore milling process. It affects enterprise operation potency and value, and causes damage to common business. There are following reason for grinding ball breaking up phenomenon.

cast iron grinding balls

1. Chemical constituent

Due to different working conditions, grinding ball material is various. There are low chrome grinding ball, mid chrome grinding ball, high chrome grinding ball and special high chromium ball, etc. Each grinding ball have different chemical constituent which directly affect material properties.

2. Heat treatment process

It reflected that heat treatment process is incorrect or not strictly enforced. Cast iron grinding balls haven’t been eliminated stress, high chrome ball unreasonable microstructure and too high retained austenite. Currently wind quenching residual austenite of high chrome ball is generally 15% --30%. In the course of austenite transfer into martensite, grinding ball volume is expansion and its internal stress increasing, thus the grinding ball surface get flaking in wear.

3. Molten iron and iron slag are not separated clean, causing slag hole in ball, which also reduces strength itself.

4. High gas content in molten iron.

If no deoxidation before casting or mold exhaust is not so good, the water break down into hydrogen and oxygen at high temperatures, porosity generated inside the ball will reduce strength.

5. The scrap production process is not strictly managed, the inferior waste low melting point metal material such as lead, zinc and other content exceeded, is prone to breaking.

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