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Proper Using Methods of Steel Ball in Different Specifications of Ball Mills

Nov 30th, 2015

Ball mill is an essential grinding equipment in mineral processing production line and there are many matters to be noticed in its using. This essay will introduce the proper using methods of steel balls in different specifications of ball mills.

As we all know, there is a run-in period for a newly installed ball mill. During this period, steel balls are firstly loaded and the ball must occupy 80% of the maximum ball-loading capacity of ball mill. The loading proportion of mill balls may be according to the sizes of steel balls (Φ120mm、Φ100mm、Φ80mm、Φ60mm、Φ40mm).

In addition, different ball mills has different ball-loading capacities. For example, the loading capacity of HX1500×3000 ball mill is 9.5-10 tons. When the ball mill firstly loads balls, big balls (120mm&100mm) occupies 30%-40%, middle-size balls 40%-30% and small balls (60mm&40mm) 30%.

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