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The Application of Grinding Ball in Cement Plant Area

Sep 6th, 2015

The power consumption and steel consumption of the ball grinding mill occupy a rather high cost ratioo in the production and processing process of a cement plant. The hardness, breakage rate and the corrosion resistance of the steel grinding ball affect the production cost and effciency of the ball grinsifn mill.

As a professional steel grindign ball supplier with a strong R& D team, we hace our own patent on product research and development. Our product is available with complete specification and varieties, and also the much higher performance price ratio than other similar products.

According to the working consitions of the cement plant and the users' actual requirement to the impact force and corrosion resistance, we can manufacturer the high-hardness high-strength low-wear and wear resistant superioe steel grinding ball which is suitable for users' needs most. Please contact us for getting more detailed information.

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